Haven Wills and Estates offer a comprehensive Will writing and estate planning service. Our professional staff are members of the Society of Will Writers, which means we are fully insured, receive regular training and abide by the Society’s code of conduct. We take great pride in making the process of getting your affairs in order, as simple and straightforward as possible. At present, all of our appointments are via video call, but we will begin making home visits to clients as soon as it is safe to do so.

What does the process involve?

1. Initial telephone consultation – we’ll call you for a brief discussion about your requirements and to arrange an appointment
2. Appointment confirmation email – this will include our terms of business, full list of fees, information to think about and an invitation to our meeting via Microsoft Teams or Zoom
3. Video call appointment – usually lasting between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, we’ll discuss your requirements, offer advice and take instructions for your Wills and/or Lasting Powers of Attorney
4. Draft documents – your documents will be sent to you to check and ensure you are happy with the contents. If any changes are needed, please let us know and we’ll be happy to do this
5. Attestation – your documents will either be posted to you, with clear instructions as to how they should be signed and witnessed, or we will arrange a time to deliver your documents and supervise the attestation, in person
6. What does the process involve? 
Certainty (The National Will Register) – Your completed Will is registered with the officially recognised UK Will register service.


Approximately 70% of people don’t have a valid, up-to-date will, yet making a Will is the only way of ensuring that the people you care about most are looked after when you are gone.

Will Review

Review an Existing Will
£ Free

Standard Wills

Single Will
Mirror Wills

Rewrite of Wills

Simple CodicilSimple Codicil
Simple Change & Rewrite

Full Rewrite (no visit)
Full Rewrite (Home Visit)


Your estate consists of everything you own, and many people are keen to ensure that their hard-earned assets are secured for future generations. Having an effective estate plan in place, often utilising trusts, offers you greater protection and control over your assets.

Flexible Life Interest Trust
with discretionary trust of residue £550

(Highly flexible modern Will for families who want to ensure their children inherit their estate and protect it from remarriage, divorce or bankruptcy of surviving spouse)

Protective Property Trust
Mirror Wills £450

(Used for the same reasons as flexible life interest trust and also helpful if a couple have children of their own and want to ensure that they inherit their portion of the joint estate)

Business Asset
Protection Wills £650

(Used for example with a family business to ensure the children inherit the business rather than it being at risk from the future remarriage of the surviving partner. This trust is also used to preserve the inheritance Tax advantages of passing on a business)

Discretionary Trust
Mirror Wills £500

(Used for example to pass your estate to a disabled child and not affect their benefits etc)

Family Lifetime
Home Protection Trust from £2200*

(This Trust helps to protect the family home. It does not include Land Registry fee or first registration if your property is not registered with the Land Registry)
*From £2200 for single trust and £2500 for double trust plus disbursements.

Signing & Witnessing
of the Wills

Normally free, however we will make a small charge for travelling more than 10 miles each way to attend.


What would happen if you, a loved one or even a business partner was to lose mental capacity? Serious illness or accidents can, unfortunately, occur at any time. Lasting Powers of Attorney allow you to appoint people you trust to make decisions about your health and finances, should you lose the ability to make those decisions yourself.

Property & Financial Affairs
£200 per document
Health & Welfare
£200 per document

Commercial or Business
Lasting Powers of Attorney from £500

The above fee includes the following:
• Completing the LPA documents for ‘Property and Financial Affairs’ and ‘Health and Personal Welfare’ and acting as a certificate provider
• Providing you and your attorney with a copy of the ‘Code of Practice’ for the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA 2005)
• Confirming capacity and explaining the legal framework to the donor
• Appointing the attorneys / reserves and contracting them to ensure they understand their duties and the principles of the 2005 MCA
• Appointing up to four nominated persons and sending them the statutory notifications
• Two home visits to take your instructions and then get the document signed and witnessed
• Producing the registration documents, sending the LPA’s to the Office of the Public Guardian for registration and managing the process with the OPG
• Claiming the fee remission if applicable
• Please note the above Lasting Power of Attorney fees do not include the Office of the Public Guardian registration fee of £82 per document.  This is reduced to £41 if you have annual income of less than £12000.


These packages offer reduced costs when your essential Estate Planning documents are completed together.

Package 1
Mirror Wills with Property Trusts and four Lasting Powers of Attorney £1000

(normal price £1250)

Package 3
Single Will and two Lasting Powers of Attorney £475

(normal price £550)

Package 2
Mirror Wills and four Lasting Powers of Attorney £900

(normal price £1050)


Single Wills
£20 per year
Mirror Wills
£35 per year

This fee includes:

• Safe and secure storage of the Will and any other important documents and the National Wills Archive
• Certificate of custody and laminated cards for executors

For your free review, please call us at +44 (0) 1202 082 380 or email us at